Some sample Movie Pics and HD setups


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                                    2008 Setup                                                                   New 67" LED DLP set July 2008




                                            FiOS, Comcast, and VUDU (old setup June 2007- July 2008)                                    Toshiba in Bedroom July 2008



   Old Samsung 1080P DLP Setup  in 2005   65" Toshiba 1080P DLP June 2007      1080P Samsung 40" LCD June 2008(Computer Rm)


 1080P 37" Westinghouse in Computer room Spring 2007         61" Samsung 1080P DLP  in Bedroom June 2007


















               Pic from Apollo 13 HD DVD(Samsung set)                               32" HP in Computer room Fall 2006



         Shrek 2 from HBO-HD on DirecTV(Samsung)                                    Resident Evil WMV-HD clip at 1080P over the Samsung VGA input



                                                                  Two pics from "I, Robot" on HBO-HD(DirecTV)(Samsung set)














 Calibration of Samsung and Toshiba DLP set by Eliab (




     Old Toshiba 1080i CRT RP Setup 2001 to 2005                             Temporary Olevia before Samsung set Summer 2005 set


                                                                                                                                 SVS SUBWOOFER Summer 2003



                                                 HD DVD and BD collection








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